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What is Identity Theft?

Identity Theft is if someone’s steal your Identity or personal information in order to obtain financial advantage or other benefits or in order to make purchases or commit other fraud this is known as Identity Theft. Clues that Someone has Stolen Your Identity:

The clues are if someone has withdrawn from your bank account without your consent, you are not getting your bills or other mails, if merchants refuse your checks, if you have not taken any loan but Debt collectors call you about debts, if there are charges on your credit report, if you did not get the medical claim because you have reached your benefit limits, and The IRS complains that there is more than one tax return was filed in your name etc.

Types of Identity Theft:

Webroot.Com/Safe wants their customer to be aware of the Identity Theft:

1. Synthetic Identity Theft: This type of Identity Theft is a combination of fabricated or real data in order to create a new person’s identity. In this type of fraud, attacker steals your social security number but the name, address and other personal information is different this is known as synthetic identity theft.

2. New Account Identity Theft: If a thief steals your personal information and identity and with this information he create a new account under your name. Fraud can also use your identity to purchase products from the market etc.

3. Account Takeover Identity Theft: In this, the criminal can access your existing account; apply for the new credit card under your existing account, file against your insurance policies.

4. Medical Identity Theft: This creates lots of problem and it can be dangerous for your health also. When the thief use your medical insurance in your name this results in many problems like may be the medical bill don’t come to you and your credit could get dinged, may be the bogus bill come to you. Another severe problem is may be the doctor use the wrong information when treating you.

5. Estate Identity Theft: This type of theft does not stop after death. They can use your dead person details to set new accounts, apply for new loans, etc. This harms the family members and friends.

For more information about the identity theft, you can visit to the official website of Webroot via Www.Webroot.Com/Safe. For help, you can contact to the customer care executive.

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