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How Can You Move Your Webroot To A New Device?

Your webroot product which you have set up via www.webroot.com/safe is a robust security solution provider that includes various features and services to offer its valuable customers. Security options include online backup tools, as well as the unlimited data VPN service that is sought-after by a large number of users. Its brand new features like identity protection are thought to be a complete solution for user's privacy and security requirements.

The webroot antivirus comes with the capability to safeguard every device, including computers smartphones, tablets, and computers. To ensure that your devices are equipped with malware protection that is one of the top options, you can choose for transferring the webroot to different devices, too.

Step To Transfer Webroot's Service Onto A New Device

It is possible for you to move the webroot.com/safe subscription to a different device since the antivirus subscription has a the limitation of a certain number of licenses. If you've crossed the limits of the webroot service, you could be required to transfer a users' licenses to a new device you've never utilized it. To accomplish this follow the steps in this section, and you'll be successful in transferring your webroot account:

The first step is to log into your webroot account with the account credentials, which include your email address as well as your password.

Then, go on your "Device security" page and search for the device you don't wish to secure from webroot.

(Note Note that the devices that are protected appear with a green color over them. If you notice that the device that you wish to delete the license is sporting a different hue like grey, red or orange, you might not be able to transfer the license).

Simply click on an icon that has 3 dots (ellipse) that you will see in the lower right corner on your display.

Click on "Manage License" from the menu that appears to move the process forward.

When the page opens you can click "Remove webroot" which is located under the "What would you like to do" tab. Once you've done that, press"Next" to confirm your action "Next" button to confirm your decision to remove webroot.

When the dialog box is displayed when the dialog box appears, select "Yes" to save changes.

In this stage you need to click at"Install Now. "Install Now" option to start the process of transferring your licence.

Once you click here, you'll be directed into"Installing on New Device" "Install on New Device" page. Choose from the following options:

DownloadWebroot - to install it on the device you're using

Send Link to transfer webroot's service to an entirely new device

After you have made your choice Once you've made your choice, then click "Next".

Follow the screen instructions to finish the process transfer of Webroot's service.

If you're facing issues when you transfer your webroot account to the new device, you should seek help from an expert. To learn more about webroot's products and licensing policy for transferring licenses, go to webroot.com/safe.

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